How to have your COVID Certificate on WhatsApp

Do you know that you can have your own COVID Certificate in the WhatsApp app ? With a very simple trick, you will always have the document at hand to access places where they ask for it within the messaging application, so you will not have to consult it elsewhere.

With the arrival of Christmas, infections in Spain once again increase significantly and that is why some Autonomous Communities are requesting the endorsement of their courts of law to implement the use of the COVID Certificate that accredits vaccination.

This document is becoming increasingly necessary to access different sites, so it is advisable to always have it at hand on your mobile for when necessary and not waste time looking for it in complicated routes, having it within WhatsApp you will know that it is there.

If you like this possibility, these would be the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Contacts application or your smartphone’s phonebook to create a new contact , it would be enough to put the name and the phone number, and in this case, what you are going to do is add your own number as one more contact and save it.
  2. Next, open WhatsApp and open a chat with yourself by searching for the contact within the application.

Imagen - Cómo tener tu Certificado COVID en WhatsApp

  1. Next, open the box to send an attachment, choose the option “documents” and look for the COVID Certificate to send yourself and you will see it within the conversation.

Imagen - Cómo tener tu Certificado COVID en WhatsApp

  1. The only thing that remains is to leave the conversation with yourself and anchor the WhatsApp chat at the top as we already explained in WhatsApp tricks that you should know, so that your chat will always appear at the top, even if you open new conversations with others. Remember that there is a limit of chats that you can pin, so if you have others, consider removing them to put this and other important ones.

Imagen - Cómo tener tu Certificado COVID en WhatsApp

This is not only useful to have the COVID Certificate at hand within WhatsApp but with other documents of yours that you want to locate quickly, so the WhatsApp option is a very interesting possibility that you probably had not taken into account until now.