A 12-inch MacBook in 2024 – Does It Make Sense?

MacBook and apple watch

With the introduction of the 15-inch MacBook Air and the presence of Apple’s first-generation Apple Silicon, speculation has been rampant about the potential development of a 12-inch MacBook. The idea behind this rumored device is to offer a product that caters to a broader range of customers as a complement to their primary computing equipment. … Read more

4:3 Monitors: Are They Still Worth It?

monitor ratio

In today’s monitor market, the dominant aspect ratio is undeniably 16:9, and even wider with 21:9 or beyond. However, not too long ago, square-shaped screens with a 4:3 aspect ratio were the norm. The question that arises is whether these older 4:3 monitors still hold value in today’s tech landscape. What led to the near-discontinuation … Read more

Understanding Battery Degradation: What’s Normal for Your Apple Device

iPhone 15 Pro

In recent months, Apple has faced various issues related to its battery management practices, which have raised concerns about cost-saving measures. In this post, we won’t delve into the specifics of these controversies; instead, we’ll focus on examining reliable data regarding the normal rate of battery degradation over a year. Read on to discover the … Read more

Why Your Washing Machine Consumes More Electricity in Winter

wash machine

The washing machine is undoubtedly one of the household appliances that can consume a significant amount of electricity. While the energy consumption of washing machines may vary depending on the model and usage, there’s an interesting factor that comes into play – your washing machine can actually use more electricity in the winter months compared … Read more

Securing Your Gmail Account: Tips to Keep Intruders at Bay

gmail security

In today’s interconnected world, protecting your online accounts, especially those containing personal or sensitive information, is paramount. Among these, your Gmail account stands out as a gateway to various online services. Unauthorized access to your Gmail account could lead to severe consequences, including the compromise of linked accounts. To fortify your digital fortress, consider the … Read more

Xiaomi 13T: A Smartphone That Lasts and Charges Swiftly

xiaomi 13t

The Xiaomi 13T has taken the market by storm, surprising everyone just when the spotlight was on its older sibling, the 13T Pro, with its impressive specifications. However, it’s the Xiaomi 13T that’s making waves, especially with its Black Friday discounts. For those unfamiliar with its specifications, let’s focus on what makes this smartphone a … Read more

CodeGPT: The Free AI Extension Revolutionizing Programming in VSCode


Since ChatGPT’s arrival, Artificial Intelligence has made significant inroads into various technology-related domains. It has evolved beyond generating text, videos, and images to editing them seamlessly. Furthermore, AI can now generate programming code, enabling the creation of applications from scratch with simple commands. Amazon and Microsoft offer two AI-based solutions for code generation. GitHub Copilot, … Read more