You can now access the Clubhouse voice rooms without the app and without logging in

clubhouse app android actualización

Clubhouse, the social network based on voice chats, is back in the news. After 2021 that catapulted it to fame, the application decided to start 2022 with force and announcing an important novelty. You can already listen to Clubhouse on the web, and without logging in , a feature that many users will appreciate.

Enjoy Clubhouse without applications and without logging in, just using the browser

Escuchar chats de voz clubhouse sin iniciar sesion

Something that characterized Clubhouse for a long time is that it was a very closed and exclusive platform. First it was available only for iOS and with invitation, then Clubhouse expanded to Android, web browsers and finally removed the invitation system. Thus, today Clubhouse is a network that can be enjoyed by almost anyone, but its developers wanted to go further.

Clubhouse finally added an option that allows listening to any voice room from a web browser without even logging into the platform. It is a feature that applies to both mobile phones and computers, as well as Smart TVs and other devices with web browsers. In this way, the service is open to everyone equally , since you will not have to be a registered user to hear what is spoken in a room.

According to the devs, this new functionality will not only allow you to enjoy live sessions , but also recordings of rooms that have already been completed. It is a feature that for now is not implemented worldwide, but will be tested first in the United States and then expand its coverage. Will it take a long time to get to Spain? We don’t know, but it will probably land in a few weeks.

Clubhouse also improves the content “Share” button

Along with the previous announcement, Clubhouse also detailed that it implemented improvements to the content share button. From now on, when a user clicks “Share” they will find three options:

  • Share in Clubhouse .
  • Share through social networks .
  • Copy link to share through other apps.

On the first, by sharing a room within the same application you can add comments before sending the link to your followers. They will see the room in their feed and notifications, but if you are live they will also receive a notification to join.

Lastly, Clubhouse also added a new information page for chat rooms. At the moment you will only find the shares, but the developers announced that they will add more statistics soon.