Why you cannot see the double blue check in some WhatsApp

Doble check en WhatsApp

When you are chatting on WhatsApp you will have noticed that in some chats the double blue check appears and in others it does not . That appears after the person has seen your message, but … why don’t you see it sometimes ? Well let’s see …

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Why doesn’t the blue double ckeck appear?

Chats en WhatsApp

This usually appears after the person you are talking to has seen your message , but if they have already seen it and it does not appear, it can be for two options.

The person you are talking to has read receipt disabled

The first option is that WhatsApp allows all its users to deactivate the read confirmation (double blue check) in the settings. If a person has that option disabled, they will not be able to see when someone else reads their messages, but their contacts will not see when they read them either.

Therefore, if you have the reading confirmation activated, but the person you are chatting with does not, the double blue check will not appear to you after reading the message. However, the same will happen to her.

You have deactivated the read receipt and you had not noticed it

The second option is that you have disabled the read receipt setting yourself by mistake . If that has happened to you, the same situation applies as in the previous point: you will not be able to see the blue check of others and others will not be able to see yours.

How to activate / deactivate the double blue check (read confirmation) in WhatsApp?

Desactiva el doble check azul en WhatsApp

To activate or deactivate this configuration, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Enter WhatsApp .
  2. Go to the 3 vertical dots on the right.
  3. Click on ” Settings “.
  4. Enter the ” Account ” section.
  5. Select ” Privacy “.
  6. There, you must check the ” Read confirmation ” option if you want to have the double check activated, or uncheck it if you want to have the option deactivated.

Although if you do not want to deactivate the read confirmation, but you also do not want the double check to skip when you see a message, you can achieve that by viewing the messages without entering WhatsApp.

How can you see the double blue check in WhatsApp groups?

ConfirmaciĆ³n de lectura en grupos de WhatsApp

Even when you or someone else has the read confirmation option disabled, in WhatsApp groups it is possible to see if any member has seen the messages you sent .

After all the group participants have seen the message, the blue double check will appear . However, there is another way to check if they have seen your message. Do you know how to check it ? Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Select a message from you within the group.
  2. Click on the 3 vertical dots in the right corner.
  3. Go to ” Info
  4. There you can see which group members have seen the message , even if they have read receipt disabled. You can also see who the message you have sent has reached.

Tell us, do you have to have the double blue check deactivated? Does it bother you not to know when someone sees your message ?