How to prevent Android apps from consuming data in the background

Cómo evitar que las apps de Android consuman datos en segundo plano

We are sure that many times you have seen that the apps that you do not use use up your mobile data. Why is this happening? Well, because they have the “Background data” function activated. We want you to solve this situation and manage your mobile data well. Therefore, here we will explain how to prevent your Android apps from spending mobile data in the background .

How to prevent your Android apps from using mobile data in the background

Cómo impedir que las apps consuman datos móviles en segundo plano

You should consider that deactivating the use of data in the background may affect the operation of some applications , generally social networks and messaging apps. What will happen to them? Well, you will not receive notifications or updates from these apps unless you are using them.

Therefore, this trick has its pros and cons. In any case, it will be very helpful when you are about to exceed the limit of your plan and need to save as much as possible on your mobile data .

So what should you do to stop apps wasting data in the background? Follow the steps below to find out:

  • Enter your mobile settings.
  • Open the “Applications” menu.
  • Click the “Manage applications” box . Here you can see all the apps installed on your mobile.
  • Select the application that you do not want to waste data in the background.
  • Now open the option “Data usage” .
  • Turn off the “Background data” feature . When you do, a warning will appear. Click on the “Ok” option to finish the process.

Pasos para evitar que las apps de Android gasten datos móviles en segundo plano

This will stop data consumption in the background! You must consider that the screenshots in this tutorial were made on a Xiaomi mobile. The process on your smartphone may vary a bit depending on the brand of the mobile and its customization layer .

Do you have any questions about how to deactivate the use of background data on your smartphone? Then leave us a comment.

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