LaLiga can be seen for free and live on TikTok

You will be able to watch a LaLiga match live and for free on TikTok , specifically it is a match on matchday 32 of football, which corresponds to the third weekend of April, setting a milestone in Europe since it will be the first match to be broadcast for this platform.

There is no doubt that the growth of TikTok has been exponential , a social network where there is a large audience and it is the perfect place to test the broadcast of new content. Precisely, GOL will be the profile that will broadcast a football match live.

It will be broadcast in vertical format and it is specifically about the match between Real Sociedad – Real Betis on matchday 32 that will take place on April 15 at 9 p.m. As if you were watching it on TV, it will have live commentators, in addition to the pre and post match.

Although it is at that time, the live broadcast will begin at 8:30 p.m. with a preview of the match where the keys to the match will be analyzed and the warm-up of the players from both teams will be seen, who will fight to get the 3 long-awaited points .

Also, the live chat will be enabled , so you can participate by making a comment or even interact with one of the two commentators who will be during the entire broadcast, you may be lucky and they answer any of your questions.

The broadcast of the LaLiga match will be perfectly adapted to mobile and the needs of the TikTok platform, with adapted graphics and a new audience. This broadcast is a milestone because it is the first match of a professional soccer league to be broadcast on TikTok .

With this novelty, LaLiga aims to reach the largest possible audience and TikTok has a large database of users who might be interested in enjoying football content on the platform. This could be the start to see more LaLiga matches coming soon .

For now, on April 15 you will have to enter GOL’s profile on TikTok and start watching the LaLiga match between Real Social and Real Betis starting at 8:30 in the afternoon.