How to check the 2021 Child's Lottery online and on your mobile

On December 22, the National Lottery Christmas draw was held, if you are one of those people who has not been lucky, tomorrow , January 6, 2022 , the Extraordinary “El Niño” draw will be held, which is also held every year. , which coincides with the same feast day of the Three Kings. We will tell you how you can check your lottery ticket online and on your mobile.

There are many websites where we can check our tenth online and we will tell you what they are and how you can do it . The deadlines to be able to claim the prizes are very long, but surely as soon as the draw ends you will want to know if you are one of the winners or not.

Lotteries and State Bets

Imagen - Lotería del Niño 2022: cómo comprobar online y en el móvil

One of the most reliable and simple websites to be able to check your El Niño lottery ticket is using the State Lotteries and Bets website . On its website we can easily check our luck by writing the number and amount of euros that we have played.

Being the official website, the results of the prizes are uploaded very quickly and we can do it a few minutes after the draw ends. Many other websites use the official font to draw their prizes.

Web: Lotteries and State Bets

The world

Imagen - Lotería del Niño 2022: cómo comprobar online y en el móvil

The website of the newspaper El Mundo also has a dedicated space to check the El Niño lottery . The method to verify it is very similar to that of the rest of the websites, you will only have to enter the number of the tenth and the amount that we played.

On the web we can also see the 3 first prizes and the rest of the special extractions and the winning figures of the tenths that coincide with 2 and 3 figures with the first prize.

Web: Check El Niño lottery in El Mundo

Your Lottery

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TuLotero has become one of the most widely used applications nationwide to be able to buy lottery tickets online. The ease of being able to buy lottery and other types of bets online from our mobile thanks to the app.

TuLotero is available for Android and iOS devices so you can easily check the tenths you have bought through the app or those you have physically, so you can use it for both cases.

  1. Download TuLotero for Android


  1. Download TuLotero for iOS


State Lotteries and Bets App

Imagen - Lotería del Niño 2022: cómo comprobar online y en el móvil

In order to easily check our lottery tickets, we can also do it with the State Lotteries and Bets application, since the application is optimized so that we can do it from our mobile.

The process is quite simple, we will only have to add the numbers of our tenth and the amount played to be able to see if we have been one of those chosen for the El Niño lottery prize, since it is one of the draws in which more prizes are awarded.

  1. Download State Lotteries and Bets for Android


  1. Download Lotteries and State Bets for iOS


Now that you know several ways to be able to check the El Niño 2022 lottery online and from your mobile , all you have to do is wait for the draw to end and for the platforms to upload the list of prizes to their respective websites, however we recommend that you wait a little after the end of the draw so that all the prizes have been uploaded.