Improve your spelling with these 5 Android apps

mejores apps para mejorar ortografia android

Having good spelling is basic and essential for your personal and professional life. Believe us that nobody gets a good impression of a person who makes a lot of spelling mistakes . It is not scientifically proven, but it is almost a fact that people who write badly have fewer opportunities to flirt or get the job they are looking for.

Do you think you have poor spelling? Do not feel bad about it. Although it may not seem like it, Spanish is a complicated language with many rules that are difficult to apply correctly if you have not studied them in detail. The good news is that the mobile in your hand can help you improve your spelling with the following 5 apps.

Spanish spelling: to learn all the rules and practice

ortografia espanol app

If you want to study all the rules of our language from scratch, the Spanish Spelling app will be of great help to you. It is designed to improve the spelling of both native and non-native speakers , and its developer recommends it even for Spanish schools and academies. You can use it without anyone guiding you, because its lessons are easy to follow.

The application uses the traditional 3-stage learning method: learn, practice and demonstrate knowledge in an exam . In addition, it teaches you the vocabulary of each of the academic subjects you are studying. It’s great!

Ortografía española

Price: Free

Perfect Word: a game that improves your spelling

palabra perfecta app

Unlike the previous app, Word Perfecta will not teach you how to write well in Spanish. Instead, it will challenge your spelling knowledge with a series of tests that will show you where you need to improve and how well you are grammatically.

The grammar games are simple selection: you will have to choose the correct word for phrases that many people often make mistakes with . It also has 3 other game modes to test your skills in synonyms, antonyms and definitions. The app saves your results so you can show them off to your friends later.

RAE and ASALE Dictionary (DLE): never misspell a word again

diccionario rae app

Knowing how a word is spelled, what it means, and how to use it correctly is vital to good spelling. The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy can help you with this, which you can download for free as an app for your mobile.

With this dictionary on your mobile you will be able to solve any doubt you may have quickly, since it allows you to consult the grammatical and orthographic characteristics of all the words in our language . In addition, it has a very cool feature that teaches you a new word every day to help you build your vocabulary.

Aldiko Classic: reading books is the best way to correct your spelling problems

Aldiko Classic app

If you read more, you would have fewer spelling problems ” is a very common phrase that your parents and teachers have surely told you. And the truth is that they are not wrong. There is no more natural and effective way to improve your spelling than by reading books . During the reading process, almost unintentionally, your brain acquires everything you read, from the words to the spelling rules.

For this reason, we also want to recommend an application to read books on your mobile . Of the free ones, Aldiko seems to us to be the best for its beautiful interface and wide compatibility with the different Ebook formats. Don’t have books to read on your mobile? Then visit this article with 5 websites to download free Ebooks legally.

Aldiko Classic

Price: Free

Classic Words in Spanish: the word game you need

classic words juego en español

And to finish, we want to close with something more fun. Classic Words is a crossword game where you have to form words on a board to get points and beat your opponents. It’s great to improve your vocabulary and practice your spelling , as it allows you to play against the machine whenever you want without Internet (you don’t have to wait for a user to connect and play).

We recommend it both for those who consider themselves experts and for beginners, since it has 7 levels of difficulty and many dictionaries and languages . The game even lets you look up word definitions without leaving the game. And best of all: it’s free.

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