Did you know that WhatsApp can delete your account for sharing this content?

WhatsApp’s policy is something that almost no user stops to read when opening an account in the app. It contains very interesting details about its use, what can be done and what cannot. Today we tell you one of the things that few people know about WhatsApp . The app can delete your account for sharing certain types of content prohibited in its usage policy. You may be doing things that are not allowed!

You can’t do what you want on WhatsApp

A large part of users think that in their WhatsApp conversations they can write whatever they want and send any type of content without risking anything. This is not the case: WhatsApp has limitations and prohibited content that cannot be sent.

The reality is that it can be sent, but it should not be done. If WhatsApp does not notice your actions, nothing may happen to your account. But if WhatsApp is aware of what you are doing, you could be left without your account .

Never send copyrighted content on WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not allow a user to forward copyrighted content . That is, according to WhatsApp policy, you cannot send movies or songs in file format to other people.

Doing so is a crime and if the app finds out, you could be in trouble. The most normal thing is that nothing happens, but if you do, you are inside the bag of probability. There are already cases of users who have shared movies and have ended up with their account closed .

If you download a song or movie and send it to your friend via WhatsApp, you could be setting off alarms within the app to end a sanction. How does WhatsApp penalize? Suspending your account temporarily or indefinitely.

If you do not respect the rules of use your account is in danger

Like the copyright cases, there are many others of accounts suspended due to language or the principle of harassment. WhatsApp does not allow you to address other users with insults or racial motives.

If a user reports your account and WhatsApp detects that you have been referring to racial motives, have sent prohibited content or have used unpleasant images, you could be left without an account.

And no, an indefinite closure is not revocable: your WhatsApp account will remain closed forever and you will have to change your number to be able to use the service again. So now you know: behave yourself when you use WhatsApp and do not send prohibited or protected content.