WhatsApp for Android vs WhatsApp for iPhone, what exclusive functions do they have?

If you have always stayed on a mobile operating system, you may not know the advantages of the opposite. Android and IOS are very disparate operating systems that not only differ in interface or functions, there are also many differences in applications . Today, thanks to WABetaInfo , we tell you the differences that exist between WhatsApp for Android and iPhone , two apps with the same objective and quite different if you use them on an Android mobile or an iPhone .

10 exclusive WhatsApp functions on iPhone and Android

If you have taken a look at the two applications for the AppStore and Google Play you will see that their interface is slightly different. The way of navigating, the buttons and the situation of the settings change if you use an Android or an iPhone .

There are things beyond the visual that also change. WABetaInfo has compiled the exclusive functions of WhatsApp for iPhone and Android that are not on the opposite operating system. They are a total of 10 and it seems that IOS comes out the winner of the battle.

  1. Chat preview without double checking: Android No | iPhone Yes
  2. Keep images or videos deleted by the other person: Android No | iPhone Yes
  3. Blur images with the editor: Android No | iPhone Yes
  4. Save images or videos manually: Android No | iPhone Yes
  5. See the number of unread chats while in a chat: Android No | iPhone Yes
  6. Play voice memos from notifications: Android No | iPhone Yes
  7. Download images from URL: Android No | iPhone Yes
  8. Trim Videos: Android No | iPhone Yes
  9. Send uncompressed photos: Android Yes | iPhone No
  10. Select all chats in edit mode: Android Yes | iPhone No

These are the 10 main differences that currently exist between the WhatsApp application for Android and for iPhone . As you can see, it goes beyond some aesthetic changes, as there are several interesting functions that you may miss on your Android mobile and that iPhone users can do.

Apple may be the winner when it comes to using WhatsApp with as many features as possible. What do you think of this comparison? Did you know all the differences?