Nie potrzebujesz już zaproszenia! DALL-E 2 jest dostępny dla każdego i możesz z niego korzystać

OpenAI has just announced that its artificial intelligence that creates images from text is now available to everyone. That’s right, DALL-E 2 just finished its closed beta and can now be used by anyone . In early 2022, when OpenAI expanded access to the DALL-E 2 beta, the internet was filled with amazing, photorealistic images … Czytaj więcej

Nie podobał Ci się komentarz na TikTok? Poinformuj wszystkich za pomocą nowego przycisku niechęci

Months ago, we reported that TikTok was already testing a method to say that you did not like or interest a comment. In fact, this feature was leaked during development, although it worked in a similar way to dislike videos. This novelty has evolved since that moment and has already been officially presented. The main … Czytaj więcej

To najlepsza lista IPTV, której możesz użyć do legalnego oglądania bezpłatnej telewizji na Androidzie

There are many options to watch free TV on your mobile. One of them involves the use of IPTV lists, which are nothing more than Internet Protocol Television channel lists . Although it sounds complicated, the use of these lists is very simple to watch TV by streaming. When you search for “IPTV lists” on … Czytaj więcej