Instagram reached 2 billion active users. Incredible!

Instagram tiene 2 mil millones de usuarios activos cada dia menuda cifra

With the recent scandal about the damage that Instagram causes to the mental health of adolescents, it was thought that this would negatively influence the numbers of the social network. However, it seems that the platform owned by Meta continues to grow despite everything .

The news outlet CNBC has unofficially revealed a surprising figure about the social network: Instagram has managed to reach more than 2 billion active users . But why haven’t they announced and boasted this figure? Join us to find out.

Two billion active users, why doesn’t Instagram boast this tiny figure?

Dos mil millones de usuarios activos Por que Instagram no presume esta menuda cifra

Instagram has not made official its new record for active users. However, this information comes from a reliable source, since according to the medium it has been a group of anonymous Instagram employees who leaked the incredible figure.

With TikTok growing by leaps and bounds, Instagram can’t afford to lose ground to its competition. In this way, they have incorporated new functions to the platform such as Reels (TikTok-type Stories) and others that have led it to reach this new number of active users.

It is strange that Instagram has not officially announced the achievement of reaching 2 billion active users. Especially if one takes into account that in 2018 when the social network reached 1 billion users they announced it publicly with pride. Why not celebrate reaching 2 billion users? Well, everything seems to indicate that it is not a good time to do it.

Currently, Instagram is not in a position to show off its new record for users. The social network is far from being safe for most of its users: excess pornographic content on the platform, negative influence on the mental health of its young users, among other problems that have been damaging the image of the company.

Although Instagram is trying to solve these problems (such as by creating new policies for the protection of minors) it is evident that the platform has not yet managed to overcome them, and probably until they do so they will not show off their new achievement. And you… What do you think about this new Instagram record?