Apple won't repair stolen iPhones

As of now, Apple stops repairing phones that have been declared lost or stolen . The US company’s stores and its authorized dealers will receive alerts from device registration. In case you didn’t know, the GSMA Device Registry is a global database that allows smartphone owners to report that their phone has been lost, stolen … Read more

Google Maps AI removed 95 million fake reviews

Goodbye to fake reviews on Google Maps! The big G has just revealed a report showing how it has managed to increase the accuracy of the content of its map service in 2021. Thanks to the improvements that Google Maps AI has received and the effort of human talent, they have been eliminated a huge … Read more

Make your Snapchat more private with these tricks

Some Snapchat users have come to complain because in the past the app had some problems with the privacy of its users . If you’ve been using this social network for years, you’ll know that long ago you could see who the best friends of any of your contacts were, something that generated many complaints. … Read more