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Batch check keyword rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Freeware, Download Now!

I always don’t suggest choosing too many search engine when checking the keyword rankings, as it will take longer to complete the querying process and may cause blocking by the search engines. So I often suggest choose which matters most to your business.

However, if you’ve already set a lot of search engines for the profile i.e. the website, and you want check the keyword rankings only for Google, here is the solution. Of course you can use the same way to check Bing or Yahoo only.

1. Select “Profile” menu;
2. Select “Update Profile for Search Engine”
3. You may choose to apply the setting for a single profile, all profiles, or profiles in category
4. then choose Google (or Bing/Yahoo/Ask/AOL)

Then CuteRank will only update the keyword ranking for Google. Following is a screenshot demonstrating the 4 steps:

Update Keyword Rankings for Google Only

Update Keyword Rankings for Google Only

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