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If you are seeing “Update Failed” in the result page, here is a list of possible reasons you should check:

  1. Check if your network connection is good, CuteRank cannot query keyword rankings without internet connection;
  2. Check if CuteRank has been blocked by your firewall (also Windows built-in firewall), anti-virus (Of course CuteRank contains no virus) or other security software;
  3. If you are not using API to query keyword positions, please disable it in Options->API by uncheck the API box;
  4. If you are using API to query keyword positions, please make sure your API is correct;
  5. If you are not using proxies to query keyword positions, please disable it by untoggle the proxy button on toolbar;
  6. If you are using proxies, please make sure the proxies works well; some proxies may not allow automatic queries;
  7. If you got a lot “Update Failed” error messages on Yahoo, you could try reset your IP address if you are using a dynamic IP network; Or you should wait one hour then try again if you have a static IP address.
  8. If you got a lot “Update Failed” error messages on Google, and you have thousands keywords to check, then you need to set the “Check keyword delay” settings more bigger(like 8 secs), and wait some minutes then try again.
  9. If have check all the above circumstances, and CuteRank still gives you “Update Failed”, please try restarting the program. Please make sure there is only one CuteRank process in the Task Manager

Feel free to contact us (support[at] if you still cannot solve the problem with the above solutions, we would be glad to help.

CuteRank Team

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