YouTube could make the leap into the world of NFTs

YouTube se mete en el mundo de los NFT

Thanks to the letter published by the Executive Director of YouTube , Susan Wojcicki, it has been known that the platform would plan to enter the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT), in what way? Well, by integrating them into the accounts of content creators.

Of course, it has not yet been determined what these NFTs could look like . In Susan’s letter, no further details have been offered, only stating that the YouTube team will use developments in the Web 3.0 space as a “source of inspiration” .

YouTube also wants to get into the NFT market

It is clear that YouTube does not want to be forgotten , that is why the latest changes that Google has made on the platform, such as the Shorts that seek to compete with TikTok, are intended to be renewed in the short term.

The letter published by the CEO of YouTube demonstrates what we have mentioned above (small excerpt): “During 2021 in the world of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and decentralized organizations have managed to gain a place. This has given us an opportunity within the platform, as they are ideal for growing the connection between creators and their followers”.

Will content creators be able to sell their own NFTs within YouTube?

YouTube NFT

Everything would seem to indicate that this could be possible, since it would be an interesting alternative for youtubers to earn money when generating content.

It should be remembered that Twitter already allows you to put an NFT as a profile picture, and this could also be applied on YouTube. In this way, youtubers would have the possibility to sell those NFTs that they put in their accounts, either as a profile or cover photo.

With nothing more to add on the subject, it is still unknown for sure how the NFT system will be implemented within YouTube , as there is not much more information on the table that we can analyze.