Your mobile has 30 times more bacteria than your toilet toilet

Do you never clean your smartphone? Have you ever wondered if it is harmful not to do it? Today we have to talk about cleaning, bacteria and various risks of smartphones . It is very possible that you have not stopped to think how dirty or infected your mobile can be, something that can directly harm you. It may be clean on the surface, but that doesn’t mean it is bacteria-free . Not disinfecting the mobile can be dangerous!

Your mobile screen contains up to 600 bacteria

A study by the University of Barcelona carried out in 2015 revealed that today’s mobile screens contain up to 600 different bacteria. Bacteria are everywhere, so it’s hard to know if 600 is a worrying number.

To compare it directly in the study it was also revealed that a WC toilet has, on average, 30 times less bacteria than a smartphone . You would probably not bring your face close to a toilet no matter how clean it is, but instead you do carry your mobile to your face constantly.

Of course, just because you have more does not mean that they are all highly dangerous. There may be more dangerous bacteria in your toilet than on your mobile. It is also possible that many are shared with each other for obvious reasons.

Among the 600 bacteria that your mobile screen can contain, there is more than one that can directly harm you. According to the study, 20% of foodborne infections occur at home. A part of that percentage may be due to not cleaning the mobile .

Cleaning the mobile is not disinfecting it

It is very likely that your mobile is apparently clean, although this does not prevent bacteria from being on it. It is necessary to disinfect it to be safe when we use it. What’s more, the mobile should be cleaned and disinfected much more often.

If your smartphone is waterproof you can wash it with soap and water . A very simple and mobile-friendly way without resistance is to use disinfectant wipes . They are inexpensive and a couple of passes several times a day will keep the device in much better sanitary condition.

Now you know, you have a bacteria bomb in your pocket that can make you sick, have tummy aches and many other problems. Did you know the data of bacteria on smartphones?