You can now send a Bizum by WhatsApp or Telegram (if you are BBVA)

enviar bizum por whatsapp bbva

If you are a BBVA customer, you can now easily send Bizums from your favorite messaging application (WhatsApp, Telegram or another). And the fact is that the bank’s app now has a keyboard that allows you to send money in any chat using the Bizum platform . It is not the best way to integrate payments to a messaging app (since you will have to change your keyboard for one that does not allow you to type), but it works very well.

BBVA Cashup is the name given to this new function of the BBVA application, with which you can send a Bizum without leaving WhatsApp (or Telegram) . Do you want to learn how to use it? We will teach you everything you need to know right away.

So you can send a Bizum by WhatsApp if you are BBVA

primeros pasos para enviar bizum por whatsapp bbva

The only thing you need to send Bizums by WhatsApp is the updated BBVA application and obviously the WhatsApp app (or the messaging service you want to use). Ah! And you must also have previously activated the BBVA Bizum service.

Do you already have everything that is required? Then follow these steps to send your first Bizum from WhatsApp (or from any application with chat):

  • Change the keyboard of your mobile for that of the bank (BBVA Cashup) :
    • Android: Configuration> Type “keyboard” in the search engine> Enter the keyboard settings> Activate the BBVA Cashup keyboard.
    • iOS: Settings> General> Keyboard> Add Keyboard> BBVA Cahsup.
  • Display the keyboard in any WhatsApp chat .
    • You just have to press the enter text bar as if you were going to write a message.
  • On Android, you must open the menu to change the default keyboard and select BBVA Cashup from there . To do this, simply hold down the space bar for a few seconds or touch the mini-keyboard icon below.

como activar el teclado bbva cashup en android

  • Grant all the permits that BBVA Cashup will request.
  • Now, on the BBVA Cashup keyboard, select the person to whom you will send the Bizum . If he is not among your contacts, enter his number using the numeric keypad in the lower right corner.
  • Enter the amount of money you want to send and click Continue.
  • After confirming the operation, the keyboard will write a single message where it will ensure that you have sent X amount of money through BBVA Cashup .
  • If you are not going to send any more Bizums, go back to your usual keyboard (from the menu to change the default keyboard), since BBVA Cashup will not help you to enter text anywhere.

enviar bizum por whatsapp con bbva cashup

As we mentioned at the beginning, we do not think this is the best way to integrate Bizum with messaging applications. However, we must admit that once BBVA Cashup is configured for the first time, sending Bizums through this keyboard is faster, more comfortable and easier than with the BBVA application. And you … what do you think of this new way of sending Bizums?