You can now have musical NFTs with the OurSong app

OurSong la nueva app para NFTs musicales

NFTs are getting everywhere. For a few weeks, Twitter has already allowed you to use them as a profile picture, and even YouTube is thinking of making the leap into the world of NFTs. And it’s not just the big internet platforms that are getting on board with the non-fungible token craze . Also many famous artists want to be part of this new world.

This is how the Grammy-winning musician John Legend has launched the OurSong app, a platform that converts songs into NFTs . These non-fungible music tokens are called “Vibes” on the platform and with them fans can access exclusive content from their favorite artists. You want to know more? Well, right away we’ll tell you everything about OurSong.

OurSong, the new app to have musical Vibes or NFTs

Ya puedes tener NFTs musicales con la app OurSong

OurSong is a platform where musicians and artists can trade their songs, photos, artwork, and stories in the form of trading card-style NFTs called Vibes . However, users of this application will only be able to purchase “Vibes” with the platform’s currency: OurSong Dollars (OSD).

To buy OSD , the platform has a transaction system that exchanges US dollars for OurSong dollars at a rate of 1:1 . This system accepts a wide variety of payment methods such as debit cards, credit, PayPal, among others.

And… What’s the point of having Vibes on OurSong? Well, according to the singer and co-founder, with these NFTs people will be able to unlock exclusive content from their artists , access private chat rooms and meet users with whom they share musical tastes.

How to download the OurSong app

como descargar la app de oursong

Currently, this platform has a huge variety of Vibes available with prices ranging from 0.50 OSD to 50 OSD . And if you are interested in being part of this new community of musical NFT collectors, we tell you that the OurSong application is now available in the main mobile app stores (Android and iOS).

Here below we leave you the respective download boxes so you can install the app on your phone. And you… Will you join the fever of the new musical NFTs?


Price: Free


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