YMWhatsApp+ is updated with multiple fixes and news

YMWhatsApp Plus v.22.2 is now available , the latest version of the new WhatsApp Mod, known as YMWhatsApp Plus. In this article we will review its functions and we will tell you all its new features and how to download it.

WhatsApp Mods , as in this case YMWhatsApp Plus, are versions of the application modified by third parties and aimed at Android operating systems. Surely WhatsApp Plus, the most famous of all, sounds familiar to you, but there are many more Mods by different developers: GBWhatsApp, Delta YOWhatsApp or WhatsApp Mix.

If you want to find out more about what WhatsApp Mods are and how they work, this article will give you all the keys. You will also discover the possible risks involved, since our WhatsApp account could be suspended by not using the official application.

This is what YMWhatsApp Plus v.22.2 brings

Focusing on the update, we break down everything you should know about the 22.2 changelog :

  1. Return to the classic design of the contact list.
  2. The name of the app will no longer be displayed on the home screen.
  3. Fixed “WhatsApp has stopped” crash on some devices.
  4. The APK file is now fixed, it was previously shown as “Invalid” on some devices.
  5. The error that some devices emitted at the time of the update, which said “Application not installed”, has been fixed.

YMWhatsApp Plus is practically identical in terms of how it works, but it is a much faster, smoother and more optimized app than the original . And the reason is very simple: it eliminates all unnecessary additions that only cause the official application to be overloaded.

In short, the bet of this app is focused on minimalism and speed . The person behind all this is called Jesús “Yisus” Muentes, a Colombian developer who also provides his initials as the name of the application.

If you like design issues, one of its handicaps is that it does not have visual customization options , it is only possible to modify the WhatsApp font in the chats. This is due to the slowness that visual themes provide to slow down the interface.

Surely you are wanting to know the main features of YMWhatsApp Plus. Here we leave them:

  1. More advanced and personalized privacy settings.
  2. Allows you to change the font style.
  3. Option to put the application in “Airplane mode”.
  4. You can block access to WhatsApp by entering a PIN.
  5. Hides the “Message Forwarded” notice.
  6. “Antiban” function, an anti-ban security system that hides that we use it.
  7. Receive and send images without losing quality.
  8. Allows you to share videos of up to 500 MB.
  9. Ability to send audio of up to 100 MB.
  10. Warn when your contacts are online and also if they change the profile picture.
  11. It does not allow the deletion of received messages.
  12. It works exactly the same as the official WhatsApp application. If you are also interested in the news that arrives on WhatsApp in April, you can read them here.

If you’re curious, go ahead and discover YMWhatsApp Plus without fear, because it’s worth trying. In addition, it is compatible with all devices with an operating system from Android 5 to Android 12 .

Finally, we also warn you that YMWhatsApp is not an official project, so you will need to activate the option to install applications outside of Google Play . Download the new version and try all its new features yourself.

  1. Download YMWhatsApp Plus for Android