Xiaomi works on a chip so that its batteries have more autonomy

Xiaomi creando chip para baterías duren más

You don’t like the autonomy of your smartphone? Well today we have great news for you. Xiaomi is going to include a chip in its mobiles that will improve the battery a lot! This was announced by the brand on its Weibo blog.

Do you want to know more details about this technology? Then stay on the web and discover everything you need to know about the new Xiaomi batteries .

Xiaomi Fuel Gauge, the chip that will greatly improve the autonomy of your mobile

Baterías de alto contenido de silicio Xiaomi Fuel Gauge

The brand prepares a new way of manufacturing its batteries. The name of the technology is “High Silicon Batteries” . The feature offers a quality leap in the section of mobile autonomy for several reasons:

  • 3 times more silicon is added to the negative battery electrodes. This is the first time that this has been done in mobile manufacturing.
  • The battery packaging is smaller . This allows you to make the most of the internal space of the mobile while taking the rest of the hardware to the next level. The best part of all is that even though the size of the battery is reduced, no mAh of capacity is lost.
  • The “Xiaomi Fuel Gauge” is included. The chip seeks to extend the useful life of your mobile battery. In turn, the Fuel Gauge, based on algorithms, understands how you use and charge your smartphone . This is how the chip adapts how the battery works to your habits.

All of this is achieved with the Xiaomi Fuel Gauge and high-silicon batteries.

Mejoras Xiaomi Fuel Gauge baterías alto contenido de silicio

According to the Asian giant, the new features that we have just mentioned will help autonomy improve by 10%. The brand also assured that the Xiaomi will have up to 100 more minutes of battery life .

And when will all these improvements come to Xiaomi smartphones? Well, the brand will start producing its new batteries in the summer of 2022 . So most likely we won’t see the “Fuel Gauge” until the Xiaomi 13s are released.

Therefore, we will have to wait a long time to see how the batteries with more silicon from the Asian giant and the “Fuel Gauge” chip work in practice.

Now, remember that Xiaomi has already developed an app to measure the health of your mobile battery. Therefore, no one doubts that the brand is seeking to maximize the autonomy of its smartphones .

And you, what do you think of this ad? Like what high-silicon batteries and Xiaomi’s “Fuel Gauge” chip have to offer? Tell us in the comments.

And if you have problems with the autonomy of a Xiaomi , we recommend deactivating several settings to save battery on your Xiaomi with MIUI. Configure your smartphone well so that its charge lasts a long time!