Xiaomi is going to produce its first smartphones in Argentina to increase the available catalog

If you live in Argentina, we have very good news for you: Xiaomi will join forces with Etercor to manufacture its own models in Argentina . After the arrival of the first Xiaomi in the country and its good reception, the company wants to increase its presence and the available catalog. There are currently 3 Redmi mobiles available in the country and many more are expected throughout the year. The alliance is already underway so that the next Xiaomi smartphones are manufactured from Argentine lands.

More Xiaomi smartphones for Argentina

One of the bosses of Etercor has confirmed that they have been working on the alliance for years and that it is already underway. This association between Xiaomi and Etercor will not only allow for a more extensive catalog in Argentina, it will also benefit from the jobs that depend on manufacturing.

This agreement involves manufacturing Xiaomi devices in Argentina , specifically in Tierra del Fuego. These devices will be marked as “Manufactured in Tierra del Fuego” and this will increase the level of Xiaomi’s catalog in Argentina .

Moreover, this alliance could be a very good base to begin a more extensive marketing of Xiaomi mobiles throughout Latin America , a region that has demanded these devices for years.