Xiaomi has a fingerprint sensor that you will want in your next mobile

Xiaomi has just patented one of the most interesting technologies for future smartphones of 2022 or 2023. The company seems to have, on paper, everything ready to implement a very special fingerprint sensor on the screen. It is a sensor that would eliminate the main problem of current finger scanners : errors when placing the finger correctly. Xiaomi has the solution, although it is not the only one that works in this technology.

A fingerprint sensor that occupies the entire screen

Currently the fingerprint sensors on the screen have a fairly small surface on which you can place your finger. Depending on the brand of the smartphone, this surface is larger or smaller. Most of the unlocking errors are due to putting the finger outside of this surface or partially outside.

Xiaomi’s new patent reveals a perfect solution: make the entire screen a large fingerprint sensor . Yes, as you read it: Xiaomi wants its next smartphones to have a giant fingerprint sensor that occupies the entire surface of the screen.

With it, it will not matter where you place your finger , because it will always recognize your fingerprint and you can unlock your mobile. It is a very good solution, although it should not be easy to implement. Xiaomi has not given many details about it, so we have to wait to know if it will arrive in 2022 or 2023 .