Xiaomi electric bike: know its advantages and disadvantages

Xiaomi’s electric bike is a revolution for users of this means of transport. It is ideal for moving around urban areas, and the best of all is that thanks to its design it can be folded easily , in addition to being non-polluting. We tell you all the details of this innovative product from the Chinese communications giant.

Discover the Xiaomi electric bike

Xiaomi’s electric bike, whose name is Xiaomi Smart Electric Folding Bike , has been designed exclusively for use in the city. This facilitates the transport of people moving through large urban areas, but also has the advantage of being foldable. Thanks to this particularity of the bicycle, you can store it comfortably.

The bicycle has an approximate weight of 14.5 kilos and operates at a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour, as established by law for the circulation of transport of this type in cities. It has a 250 W motor, thanks to which you can travel up to 45 kilometers. It is an intelligent device designed only for moving around the city, as its effectiveness in rural areas is not guaranteed.

The Xiaomi Smart Electric Folding Bike also has a lighting system that allows it to move even when there is not enough light, which helps prevent accidents for users. Remember, too, that sometimes it is essential to wear a reflective vest if driving on very dark roads. In addition, the electric bike has a small integrated computer that allows the user to follow the data and travel routes, as well as the statistics of use and transfers.

Descubre la bici el├ęctrica xiaomi

Why buy the Xiaomi electric bike?

If you are looking for an alternative means of transport that helps to take care of the planet and that does not involve a great effort for you, this is the best option. And it is that what makes any electric bike unique is the integrated motor that helps reduce pedaling. What better option than to get this device for your daily transfers?

High quality food

Chinese communications giant Xiaomi is always innovating. It presents very innovative devices capable of competing with the big brands in the market. Their star products in terms of transfers are their electric scooters, as they have a wide range to offer us. But this time, Xiaomi has wanted to go one step further and presents its innovative bicycle. This has a state-of-the-art power system.

Here we find that it has a battery cell that Tesla also uses. The Xiaomi bike uses a Samsung lithium-ion battery cell, specifically the 18650 model. This battery is so powerful that it is capable of traveling distances of up to 45 kilometers in daily use, thanks to its 5800 mAh capacity. The device can reach this distance on a single battery charge.

The placement of the battery is quite discreet, as it is supported by the main tube and has a push-pull design. The push-pull design allows the user to insert and remove the battery with ease. This battery can be charged directly inside the bike or removed and charged anywhere in just three hours.

A powerful engine

The soul of the Xiaomi electric bike is its motor. The motor is high speed brushless and is 250W. If it is compared with a traditional motor, we find that the motor of the Xiaomi bicycle provides much more power, less magnetic resistance , it is capable of accelerating and reacting faster; In addition, it is much lighter, which makes it more comfortable to ride, even when the wind is against you or when you have to climb hills on board this bike.

Integrated computer

One of the novelties of this bicycle is that it has, as we already anticipated, an integrated computer. This cycling computer allows the user to change the power mode using a few buttons on the screen. Cycling activity data can also be viewed on the computer in real time; These include the speed and distance of the trip, the dynamic power, the pedal power and, of course, the calories consumed.

The Xiaomi Smart Electric Folding Bike integrates four cycling modes that can be toggled using a single button on the cycling computer. All modes have their own technical characteristics, but can be easily adjusted to the user’s needs.

High-end technology

This device is equipped with Shimano Nexus Shifter Easy-Ride technology. Shimano is a specialist in bicycle technology and the model incorporated by Xiaomi is one of the most advanced. Thanks to the Nexus , the user can easily switch between three speeds: easy, standard and fast; combining the technology assistant to make the activity much easier even when the battery is discharged.

On electric bicycles, the motors only work when the pedals are operated; the engine goes to rest when you stop pedaling or when you come across an obstacle on the road. There are two ways to control this: through a pedaling sensor or a torque sensor. Xiaomi’s electric bike is equipped with a torque sensor.

Among the two types of sensors, torque is the most sophisticated and works through a small piece that detects when the pressure on the pedal decreases. This Xiaomi bike includes the TMM4 system. This sensor tracks the force exerted on the pedal and is also capable of steering the engine to deliver more power if needed. Hence, using this sensor on the Xiaomi bike is more effective.


The design of this Xiaomi bike can be described as atypical and is quite different from what we are used to seeing on the market. This Xiaomi bike is very light, small and, as we already anticipated, it can be folded in a matter of minutes. Xiaomi’s electric bike is made almost entirely of black aluminum. In addition to the built-in lights on the front and rear, this device features a buzzer.

The best thing is that you can connect this bike directly to your mobile via Bluetooth or through an application. Thanks to this functionality you will be able to track your activity directly on the screen of your mobile.

How to take care of the Xiaomi electric bike?

Xiaomi’s electric bike requires specific care to extend its useful life. The device includes a series of recommendations from the manufacturer itself to give proper care and maintenance to the bicycle. The most advisable thing is to follow Xiaomi’s recommendations, starting with the charging time. Remember that you should not overdo it and always use the manufacturer’s own accessories.

On the other hand, it is important to clean the bicycle regularly and monitor the pressure of the wheels from time to time. Remember that this bicycle can only be used in the city and should not be driven on rural roads, as it could deteriorate. This bicycle should not be left outdoors but it is best to allocate a specific space inside and store it folded.

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