Wombo Dream: the AI that creates images and that is viral on TikTok

Wombo Dream app que dibuja lo que le pides

If you saw videos on TikTok where users ask an AI to draw celebrities , events and objects, and you want to know which app they use to achieve this , we want to tell you that you are in the right place.

Under the name of Wombo Dream , an interesting, fun and very easy-to-use application is presented, which has the ability to create images automatically . Just by putting a word, the AI behind this application can represent with a drawing anything that is asked of it.

Wombo Dream: this is how the application that draws what you ask of it works

Wombo Dream IA que dibuja lo que le pides

For you to be able to use this app on your mobile device, it is necessary that you download and install it. Wombo Dream is completely free and is compatible with Android and iPhone mobiles . You can download it from the links below:

Dream by WOMBO

Price: Free

‎Dream by WOMBO

Price: Free

With the app already installed on your mobile device, you must follow these steps so that you can use Wombo Dream correctly :

Como usar Wombo Dream

  • Open the Wombo Dream application from your phone.
  • Once inside the app, you must click on “Get Started”.
  • Therefore, you must put a word (referring to a person, event or object).

Wombo Dream IA que dibuja lo que pidas

  • Select the type of art style you want the image to have.
  • Click on “Create”.
  • Wait for the Wombo Dream AI to generate the image.
  • In seconds, Wombo Dream will show you the final result.

It is worth mentioning that the artificial intelligence behind Wombo Dream learns daily , what does this mean? That the results that are obtained will be better and better as time goes by.

In case you want to upload the result of your creation to TikTok, we recommend you save the image on your mobile and create a video in HD so that the content has a greater impact within the social network.

Without much else to add in this regard, if you liked this tool, we recommend you download Wombo AI, the fashion app that makes your photos sing.