With this Android app you can find out what the air quality is in your city

App para saber cual es la calidad del aire

Do you think that the place where you live is bringing you respiratory problems? Well, thanks to an application you can find out how good or bad the air quality is in your city.

Under the name of IQAir AirVisual, an Android application is presented that gives you the possibility of knowing, in real time, how healthy it is to breathe in the place you live.

By accessing a global database in which data related to air quality is shared, this Android application will let you know if the air you’re breathing is bad, average or good .

An app you should have installed on your phone

IQAir AirVisual para Android

Whether you have respiratory problems, or you plan to spend a day outdoors, IQAir AirVisual is without a doubt an application that must be present on your mobile device .

Through a simple but very informative notification system, this app will keep you up to date on how good the air you’re breathing is.

In addition, you will not need to make complex configurations, since IQAir AirVisual automatically detects your location to give you an extremely complete report on the air quality of the place where you are.

IQAir AirVisual is the best alternative to Apple’s Weather app for Android

Aplicacion para conocer la calidad del aire

If you were looking for an application that allows you to know this information, you will surely have come across Weather, Apple’s star tool in this regard.

Looking quite similar, IQAir AirVisual has nothing to envy Apple’s Weather , why? Because it accesses the same database as the Apple app for reporting air quality around the world.

But this is not all, it also adds a map so that users can know the quality of the air in other parts of the planet . This feature is ideal for those who are planning a trip and need to know about it.

It is worth adding that you can complement this app with the TomTop gadget that measures air quality. Of course, said gadget is much more precise than the application that we show you here.

Without much more to add, it is necessary to inform you that this application will not give you information about the weather forecast, for this you will need to download one of these apps to know the weather.