With these 10 Applications you can try Android 12 thanks to Material You

Are you looking forward to trying Android 12 on your smartphone? You will most likely have several months to see the official update, if you can see it at all. There is a simpler and faster way to test Android 12 on any mobile . It is not the best, nor will you have the real experience, but it is an intermediate step between not testing anything and updating. There are already 10 Android apps updated to Material You , the Android 12 design protocol. And yes, you can try them from now on on any Android .

These Android apps have Material You and emulate Android 12

Google announced that Material You would be the design standard for Android 12. The operating system is designed based on this standard and it is expected that, little by little, the applications will also update their interface to have an ecosystem with a better experience.

At the moment Android 12 is in very, very few smartphones, so most developers have not gotten to work with the change. There are some that do and their applications are those that appear in the following list .

They are applications of all kinds that are not on the list for their use or functions, but for having updated their design based on the Android 12 standard. If you download and use them, you will be experiencing how Android 12 looks in its menus, animations, etc. .

Of course, there are applications from Google itself , the developer that has the most apps updated to the new design . Perhaps the most interesting application of all is Niagara Launcher , as it offers an application launcher that immerses you even more in the Android 12 experience.

The bad news is that it is not available on Google Play : you must enter the link and download the beta version from the Telegram links. It is a safe process, although not as simple as clicking on download on Google Play.

If you are wanting to try Android 12 on your smartphone, these applications are a good way to get closer to the design of the new operating system. We know that it is not ideal, but it may be better than nothing for many users. What do you think of these Android 12 applications?