With Google Maps you can see traffic lights, STOP signs and much more

Google Maps tendrá semáforos señales STOP peajes

Google Maps will offer you several new features! The great G announced on its blog the functions that will be included in the app very soon. The service will give you a lot of information about the routes you are going to take by car. For example, Google Maps will tell you the price of tolls and where traffic lights and STOP signs are .

In turn, the application will include other details of the roads that you cannot miss. You want to know more? Well then, stay and discover everything that will reach the Mountain View GPS .

Google Maps will be your best ally when driving thanks to these functions

Google Maps semáforos señales de STOP nuevas funciones actualización

Nobody doubts that there are many alternatives to Google Maps. Now, the great G app does not stop adding tools that make it one of the best GPS navigators for mobiles.

The next update of the app more than proves this. And it is that your smartphone will be able to use the following functions :

  • The tolls arrive at Maps officially . The support confirms that you will be able to see which are the toll roads and the price for driving on them. To give you accurate prices, Google will take into account the day you drive and the payment method you’ll use.

Google Maps rutas con o sin peajes

  • A filter will be added with which you can remove the routes with tolls from the roads that Google Maps shows you. Therefore, you will not have problems in case you do not want to pay tolls.
  • Traffic light and stop sign locations will be marked in the app. Similarly, Maps will show you data such as the width of the roads, the areas of interest that surround them and the outline of the buildings.
  • The app will improve on iOS , since widgets will be included to quickly enter the GPS, you can decide your routes from your Apple Watch and ask Siri for help so that Maps guides you.

The news will come to iOS and Android . The countries that will receive the features first are the United States, India, Japan and Indonesia. It is expected that, sooner rather than later, the improvements to the app will be offered in Spain.

On the other hand, remember that, to get the most out of the news, you must learn to activate the driving mode of Google Maps. That’s where you’ll use the new features!

And you, what do you think of the Google Maps update? Do you like what it has? Tell us in the comments .