Where to find the timer in Android and how to use it?

encontrar el temporizador de android

Mobile phones have become increasingly smart. Nowadays the functions that they offer us are very numerous. They went from being simple communication devices to being devices capable of connecting to the network, capturing high-quality images and videos, etc. In addition, in them there are also very useful elements such as the timer and the stopwatch.

The timer on Android is located within the default “Clock” app. You will not need to download anything to use it . You can see this application already installed on your smartphone and it is used to measure time. If you want to know where to find the timer on your Android and learn how to use it, you’ve come to the right article.

Timer on Android: where to find it

buscar el temporizador de android

A timer can be useful for managing some daily tasks , so knowing where to find the timer on your Android will help you a lot. If you still don’t know how to locate it on your device, don’t worry! Here we will show you in detail the steps to do it.

  1. Look in the main menu of your Android for the “Clock” application.
  2. Open the app by clicking on the icon.
  3. At the top or bottom press where it says “Timer” you can easily identify it by the hourglass symbol .

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How to use the timer on Android

usar el temporizador en android

The timer in Android is used for measurements backwards , from a set time to zero. This can be very practical to control the cooking times of food or to set the duration of a physical workout. In addition, it helps you to be more productive in your work. But if you really want to improve your productivity, there are also some apps to organize your projects and get better performance.

Follow the steps that we leave you here and learn to use the timer of your mobile phone without complications.

  1. Once you are on the timer screen, type the time you want to set. The numbers will be added from left to right , ordered in seconds, minutes, and hours, respectively. For example, if you want to set 3 minutes, you must first write the number “3” and then “00”.
  2. Once the desired time has been established, press the start counting button. You can recognize it by its symbol in the form of a triangle pointing to the left .
  3. The counter will begin to decrease and you will be able to see the circle around it changing color, on some devices you will see it in blue and in others in red. If you press the +1:00 inside the circle, the timer will allow you to increase by 1 minute each time you press it .
  4. If you want to stop the timer, press the “Pause” button located at the bottom of the circle, identified by two vertical lines . To continue with the set time, press the countdown button again.
  5. In case you want to reset the time to the initial value, press the word “Reset” and the timer will return to 3 minutes.
  6. To use simultaneous timers, tap the + symbol and if you want to remove them, tap the trash can. If you have more than one timer set you can see them all by sliding the screen up .
  7. The timer will notify you that the time has expired through an alarm . You will be able to see a blue box at the top that will allow you to stop the sound or add 1 more minute if you need it.
  8. To set the alarm and other timer settings, locate the 3 dots at the top right of the screen . From there you can increase the volume, silence or repeat the alarm after a while, change the sound, among other things.

The 3 best timers you can use online

Sometimes you want to set a time as a reminder of some activity you are doing or simply to better organize yourself in your tasks, for that there are free online timers that you can use very easily.

Previously, one of the best options was the Google Timer . Unfortunately, this tool is no longer available. The reason for its sudden disappearance is not yet known, nor is it known when users will have access to it again. The good news is that there are some very good timers online that can serve as a replacement.

There are a wide variety of online timers on the Internet, most with similar functions. You can use these 3 options that we present here from your PC or smartphone: Clock – alarm.es, My Alarm Clock and 123 timer.

Clock – alarm.es

Temporizador online

This online timer is easy to use . In it you will find three boxes at the bottom: the blue one is mainly used to program the time and configure the sound. The second yellow box is to restart the count. Lastly, we have the green box which you use to start and pause the timer. Once the time you set has elapsed, an alarm will sound and to stop it you must press “Accept”.

My Alarm Clock

reloj temporizador online

Schedule a time frame with the My Alarm Clock timer and become a more organized person . To start, simply press the “Edit” button, there you will find the settings to select the hours, minutes and seconds, change the alarm sound and put the name of the activity, which will appear on the screen at the end of the time. If you want to pause the counter, press “Stop timer” and voila!


temporizador en linea

Control your time with this free timer. You do not need to install any application to use it because it is completely online . Start by pressing the “Settings” button to set the hours, minutes or seconds you want, activate the alarm sound and place a message to appear on the screen at the end of the time. Click the “Start” button to start and press “Pause” to stop. You can also resume the timer on the “Restart” button.

Benefits of using the timer on Android

The main benefit of using the timer on Android is availability, as long as you have your mobile phone turned on you can access it. You don’t need to download anything, or have Internet to control the time of your tasks.

There are people who, although they have a default timer on their mobile phone or have access to one online, decide to install a clock application for Android mobile. These apps are misleading, so we recommend that before downloading one, check if it meets your expectations.

Learn to better distribute your time and do your activities in a more organized way using the timer on Android, it’s easy and fast!