Where to buy the PlayStation 5: US stock

We are going to see in which stores there is stock to buy the PlayStation 5 in the United States , a very complicated task, since the PS5 is practically sold out and it is almost impossible to get any unit, and if there are, they are usually at a very high price. high.

As in Spain, in the United States you can find different online and physical stores that sell the PlayStation 5 in its two versions, both the digital one and the one with a disc reader, and it is worth looking to see if they have units available if you are interested in buying it. .

There are some stores that do not have stock of the PlayStation 5 , but there are others that do, so we are going to show you what the video game console costs in each of them so that you can analyze whether it is worth it or not, since the price can be the key.


Wallmart is a large chain of establishments that has different stores spread throughout the American continent, so if you live in the United States you probably have a Wallmart nearby, although if not, you can use the online store.

It is precisely one of the few stores that has online stock of PlayStation 5 , both the digital PS5 and the one that comes with the disc player, although the prices in this case are higher. There are also different packs where you can get the PS5 with the controller, with the support for the controller, etc.

Buy: PlayStation 5 Digital for $762.50

Buy: PlayStation 5 with reader for $822.50

Buy: PlayStation 5 with player + accessory set for $849.99


Another store that has PlayStation 5 stock is Neweeg . In its online store we find several purchase links to purchase the digital version or the one that comes with a CD reader, although the buyer always has the last word, since the prices are in line with Wallmart.

Likewise, not only will you have the option of buying the PS5 “alone”, but there are packs available that allow you to buy the video console with some extra control or accessory, although its final price will rise due to the inclusion of said accessories.

Buy: PlayStation 5 with disc player for $810

Buy: PlayStation 5 with disc reader + 2 DualSense 5 controllers for $873.95

Buy: PlayStation 5 digital for $751.98

There are other well-known stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target or even Game Stop and some others also sell the PlayStation 5, what happens is that right now they do not have stock, but they will probably replace it soon, surely it will still take days or weeks.

At the moment, Wallmart and Newegg are the only stores that sell PlayStation 5 in the United States , they are the only ones that now offer stock, although as a buyer you should consider if it is worth spending that amount of money, since the price is higher than the one that should have the game console.