WhatsApp will animate all the hearts you send

In a future update WhatsApp will add an animation to the hearts of all colors, which simulates that it is beating. Right now only the red heart emoji has animation, something that will change shortly according to a recent leak.

We recently learned that WhatsApp will add reactions to messages, which will significantly expand the possibilities to express ourselves, and now another small tweak has been known that will work very well in informal personal conversations or groups of friends.

It will be possible to send animated hearts of colors red, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black and white (❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍), which will beat subtly and will be displayed larger than usual. On the other hand, modified hearts (💔💕💞, for example) will not receive news

This only works if the heart emoji is the only element of the message , if we include text or other emojis the standard version will be displayed. Although the feature has not yet been activated, images have been leaked of what it will look like:

Imagen - WhatsApp animará todos los corazones que envíes

It is an interesting possibility, although in Telegram there are many more emojis with animation, and with a recent update the first interactive emojis were added in Telegram. As usual, WhatsApp lags behind the competition in terms of new features.

Animated hearts can be seen on iPhone, Android and the Web and Desktop versions for computers , they really depend on the device they are received on, not the one that sends them. At the moment we do not know when they will be activated, as they only appear in the WhatsApp code, they have not even reached the trial version.

Of course, animated hearts will like WhatsApp users , but we must not forget that new emojis await us in 2022 that will bring more variety, so the news in this regard does not stop.

Via: WABetaInfo