WhatsApp Plus will be updated to have reactions to messages officially

WhatsApp Plus will be updated soon to include message reactions , a novelty that has recently arrived in the official version of WhatsApp. They will first appear in WhatsApp Plus 20.40 BETA and then in the stable version a bit later.

Until now, it will be one of the most outstanding novelties of the next stable version of WhatsApp Plus , one of the best-known WhatsApp mods. As of its arrival, users who use the mod will be able to use reactions to messages sent to them.

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Surely the operation will be the same, that is, it would be enough to make a long press on the message to which we want to react for a few seconds and we could send some of the available reactions in the form of emoji , so that we would not respond with text.

It is a way to send our reaction to a message without the need to reply back with a text message or send an emoji, the reaction to the message will send a notification to the person who can confirm our intention to the message that has been sent to us.

About WhatsApp Plus 20.40 BETA we only know that it will finally add the reactions that have reached WhatsApp for iOS and Android in recent days, the date of when the new version of the mod will be released remains to be known, but it will surely arrive in the next few days or weeks.

Apart from the reactions in the testing phase because it is a beta, it is expected that this WhatsApp Plus beta will bring some kind of bug fixes and general improvements, which will then also be released in the stable mode of that version.

It will be necessary to see if it will be possible to install or not WhatsApp Plus 20.40 BETA, normally the beta versions of this mod are not available, so users who want to have the reactions will probably have to wait for the stable version of WhatsApp Plus.

If it were possible, when the time came, to install WhatsApp Plus 20.40 BETA , it would not be enough to update WhatsApp Plus, but you would have to download and install said beta in apk format, since the update would surely install the stable version.