WhatsApp now allows an administrator to delete your own messages without your approval

WhatsApp is changing one of the functions that all users can access. Deleting messages on WhatsApp has been a reality for several years and is used by millions of users every day. The company is working on implementing an update to this feature that may be somewhat controversial. When the function is updated, group administrators will be able to delete messages from other users. Yes, the administrator of a group can delete your messages without your consent.

You will not be the only one who can delete your messages on WhatsApp

The feature has been revealed by WABetaInfo and is right around the corner. In its tests, a group is created and it is verified that, indeed, administrators can delete messages sent by any member . This changes the rules of the current game, because in a WhatsApp group no one, except the sender, can delete their messages.

With the new option when you are in a group there will be other people, at least one, who will be able to delete your messages: the administrator. It is possible that WhatsApp has included this new option to be able to give more importance to administrators and to make certain hate or disclosure messages not have a place in the groups.

The messages that the administrators delete will disappear for all the members of the group and it will be indicated that this message has been deleted by an administrator and not by the sender of the same. Of course, they will be able to delete messages with content of text, images, videos or voice notes.

It is an important change, because from this moment what you say in a group can be reviewed and eliminated by some of the members of the group. If you see that your messages disappear when you are in a group, you already know why it may be.