WhatsApp major change in the 'Last Seen'

WhatsApp is making an important change in the function that warns of the last connection status. By default for years the application shows the last connection time to everyone who accesses your WhatsApp profile . It does not matter if it is or is not in the contact list: if it does not change, everyone can know when the last connection occurred. This can be dangerous for several reasons and leaves privacy little protected for users who are unaware of how WhatsApp works.

Last WhatsApp connection disappears for strangers

WhatsApp has confirmed that it is implementing a new default setting for the ‘Last Seen’ or the last connection time . From now on this option will not be publicly visible to everyone: only your contacts and the users with whom you converse will be able to see it.

That is, someone who accesses your phone number and is not in your contact list will not be able to know when you stop using WhatsApp . Many users may have changed settings for years, but many others are unaware that everyone, regardless of whether they are known or not, can see their last WhatsApp connection .

Goodbye to the danger of applications that monitor WhatsApp

That this last connection option was public gave tools to many users to do a fairly exhaustive monitoring of your behavior. Some applications are capable of reading this data and spying on what times you connect and disconnect .

The user who wants to spy on you simply has to enter your phone number in the app and let it study your connections for a while . Thanks to this, it is possible to draw patterns of behavior, the time you get up or the time you go to sleep. Crazy, right?

With this automatic change that WhatsApp is making, this ends and a greater barrier is placed to improve the privacy of the application. As a user you will not have to do anything, the default option is changing in WhatsApp for IOS and Android .