WhatsApp improves the privacy of your last connection so that nobody sees it without permission

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Did you know that someone could be spying on your last connection or if you are online on WhatsApp without you knowing? Yes, making use of different tools was totally possible and you didn’t need to have that person on your contact list, but not anymore. The apps and websites to know if a contact is online on WhatsApp stop working , we explain why.

Only the contacts you want will be able to see if you are online on WhatsApp

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Thanks to the WABetaInfo team we now know that WhatsApp decided to patch one of its oldest privacy breaches. As of version of WhatsApp Beta, users will not have to worry about a stranger or a third-party app being able to see their last connection on the platform.

Until now, anyone could see your last connection or if you were online on WhatsApp without even adding you to their contact list or starting a conversation. This was bad enough and led to the creation of different tools that flood the Internet, the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store to spy on other people on WhatsApp.

However, WhatsApp decided to take action on the matter and enabled a security patch that will put an end to this problem. Yes, from now on no one will be able to see whether or not you are online on WhatsApp without your consent .

What is it about? Simply a new privacy setting in the “Last time” option, which now allows you to create exceptions. As with statuses for a long time, now you can configure the privacy of your last connection so that only the contacts you choose can see it and exclude everyone else.

It is a feature that you will have to enable manually, but this way you will get rid of any user who is stalking you . In addition, it does not affect those people or companies with whom you have ever chatted, so no friend or family member will be excluded if you do not want to.

This way you can prevent a stranger from seeing your last connection time on WhatsApp

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Although at the time of this writing it is a feature that is only available to WhatsApp beta users, it will most likely make the jump to the stable version in no time. In this way, it is important that you already know how to increase the privacy of your connection with this new WhatsApp configuration. What should you do so that no one spies on you if you are online on WhatsApp? This:

  1. Download and install WhatsApp Beta or higher on your mobile, you can install the APK on your mobile by downloading it from APKMirror .
  2. Press the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner of the main WhatsApp screen.
  3. Enter WhatsApp settings.
  4. Go to “Account” and there to “Privacy” .
  5. Tap on “Last time” .
  6. Select the option “My contacts, except …” and create a list of exceptions.
  7. Confirm the changes.

Once you have configured this new feature, all users who are on the exceptions list will be unable to see your last connection time. In addition, WhatsApp will also automatically block any user that you do not have registered as a contact.

It’s a pretty small change, right? We are surprised that the Meta developers took so long to implement it, but it is now a reality and you will not have to worry about someone else stalking you.