WhatsApp changes the 'Last connection': you can now exclude a single contact

Privacy in WhatsApp is important and today it improves a little more. The company is testing a new change that will arrive very soon on Android and IOS mobiles . This change is related to the ‘ Last connection ‘ or ‘ Last time ‘ function of the Privacy section. It is something that many users have been asking for years and that until now has not been taken into account. You will be able to choose who does and who does not see your last connection on WhatsApp !

Last connection on WhatsApp, the biggest change to date

For years users have been able to choose whether to hide or show the time of last connection . They can do this in different ways: don’t show it to anyone, show it only to contacts, or show it to everyone. Now a change is about to come to revamp the feature.

WhatsApp is preparing a new option within the ‘ Last Time ‘ section. This will allow users to choose which contacts can see their last connection time . Until now it was only possible to choose everyone or all your contacts. Contacts can now be excluded from the list.

It is a necessary change that comes late, but finally arrives. In this way you will be able to allow users to see your last connection and block it to certain contacts that you do not want them to know or be able to control your connections.

The change is already underway and it is a matter of days before it reaches the stable version of WhatsApp for Android and IOS. When available, you can choose which contacts can see your last connection and which ones can’t.