What is the best memory card for Nintendo Switch?

If you install a lot of games on your console, you will soon discover that the device does not have enough storage capacity, but with a memory card for Nintendo Switch with enough gigabytes and of quality, you will be able to access any game in your library without problems. But what micro SD card do you need and what is the amount of storage that is best suited to the use you give your Nintendo Switch?


How to choose a memory card for Nintendo Switch

There are many different types of memory cards available and they also have different storage capacities. Ask yourself the following questions before buying one:

  • Why do you want a memory card?
  • How many games do you want to save?
  • What kind of memory card do you need?

Why do you need a memory card for Nintendo Switch?

It is a well known problem for any Nintendo Switch gamer with many games. You want to download a new game from the eStore, but you don’t have enough storage space. A game usually occupies about 10 GB of memory on your console. Depending on the number of games you want to save on the SD card, you will decide the amount of storage capacity.

How many games do you want to store?

As we mentioned earlier, games usually take up around 10GB. With the 32GB of the Nintendo Switch, you can store around 3 games. The general rule of thumb is 10GB per game, so keep that in mind when choosing a memory card. Do you already know that this year 3 new games will be released that you want to have? That means you need an SD card with at least 30GB . When you connect the memory card, you can download games from the electronic store directly to this storage device, so the memory of the console does not fill up.

Ultimately though, it really depends on how many games you want to play on your Nintendo Switch, and how often you’re willing to uninstall old games. You can always go for a 400GB or 512GB SD card if you want to build a complete game library. Check how quickly your console’s internal memory fills up to get a solid idea of how many more GB you will need.

What kind of memory card do you need?

Then there is the question of what type of memory card is right for you. There are micro SDXC and micro SDHC memory cards. Both are plug & play (plug and play) on Nintendo Switch. The difference between these memory cards is in their storage capacity. A micro SDHC typically has up to 32GB of storage, while a micro SDXC offers up to 1TB of storage . Do you want to save more than 3 games on the SD card? Choose a micro SDXC.

What SD cards are compatible with the Nintendo Switch?

The vast majority of microSD cards are fully compatible with the Nintendo Switch. As a cool little tidbit, the maximum capacity of the Switch SD card is up to 2TB. Now, you shouldn’t have to think about buying a card of that capacity, not just because it’s excessive, but because they don’t even exist yet. Although you can find 1 TB in case you intend to create a large library of games for your Nintendo Switch.

Most brands of microSD cards can be used on Nintendo Switch . The important thing is to find the best value for money compared to the capacity you can get.

Best memory cards for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console of 2020, outpacing the competition by leaps and bounds. And it is not surprising, due to its excellent software and flexible and intuitive design. There’s only one downside: that paltry 32GB memory forces you to buy an external storage device, in this case a microSD card.

If you’re looking to build a full library, you’ll need to buy an SD card with enough capacity for the Nintendo Switch . Fortunately for you, in this article we have gathered all the best options so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

No matter what your priorities are (price, brand or storage capacity), you will surely find the most suitable for the use you give your Nintendo Switch . Of course, we also have the ideal option for those players looking for the perfect balance.

These cards are also compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite, therefore users of both models can download any game directly to the microSD card.

200GB SanDisk Micro SD Card

When it comes to the perfect balance of quality, cost, and capacity , the 200GB SanDisk Micro SD card is the best Nintendo Switch SD card available today, and it’s a good investment in terms of memory.

Considering that a Nintendo Switch game weighs around 10GB, this mighty little disk will give you peace of mind to store all current and future Nintendo Switch releases on your console. There are cheaper and more powerful options, but for the average gamer, this microSD card is ideal.

32GB Samsung Evo Select Card

Considering that our pick for the best Nintendo Switch SD card is excellent value for money, we recommend that most buyers stick with that option for now. That said, if you want to have more memory at the lowest possible price, the Samsung 32 GB Evo Select is the ideal and cheapest SD card for Nintendo Switch.

It has a reasonable amount of memory (considering the price) that will instantly double the space you have on your console. This is a good option for more casual gamers or if your catalog includes a lot of smaller eShop games. If you don’t mind removing forgotten games, this is a perfect option.

SanDisk 400GB Micro SD Card

SanDisk offers a 1TB memory card at a high price, it is not a recommended option. Instead, we suggest that any Nintendo Switch fan who wants the maximum storage, balance of quality, price, and storage capacity that the SanDisk Ultra 400GB memory card offers.

The price is reasonable and you will have enough space to install The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or its sequel, which will be released in mid-2021, almost thirty times.

How do I transfer my data from Switch to a new SD card?

Although it is possible to do so, the process is a bit more complicated if you transfer data between two SD cards . Also, keep in mind that game saves are stored in internal memory and can only be backed up to the cloud with a subscription to Switch Online.

Let’s start with the steps you must follow if you want to move your game data from internal memory to a newly installed SD card . To achieve this, go to data management in the system configuration. From here, choose the game you want to move, select the file, and then re-download the game from the home screen. The game will automatically download to your SD card.

If you want to transfer Switch data from an SD card to a new one , you will need a computer with an SD card reader. First, insert your old SD card into your computer and copy the data to your desktop or a location of your choice. Then eject that SD card and insert the new one. Finally, move the data you just copied to the new SD card and insert it into your Switch. Now you are all set to use all the extra space you need on the new card.