What are the benefits of Wi-Fi smart thermostats?

Wi-Fi smart thermostats are one of the great inventions of recent times. Smart, easy to configure and operate, with this type of thermostats you can optimize your consumption and keep your home always warm. Best of all, this type of device can be operated from a smartphone or tablet in a couple of clicks.

This is how smart wifi thermostats are

Today, many elements of a house can function entirely through the Wi-Fi network. This allows you to easily control your home devices from a mobile or tablet. Heating is one of these things that is already controlled remotely thanks to Wi-Fi smart thermostats . This new technology allows the user to improve the performance of the thermostat, but they are also incredibly comfortable.

These thermostats that are synchronized to the Wi-Fi network give absolute power to the user, who can take control of the heating of his home from any device that is connected to the network without having to go home or get up from the sofa. Smart thermostats have the characteristic that they are not only controlled directly from an application, but they are capable of storing data according to your configuration preferences.

That is, eventually, the thermostat will automatically detect the temperature of the home, based on your frequent logs. So your house will always be warm without you having to regulate anything.

Con los termostatos inteligentes Wifi puedes optimizar consumo y son fáciles de usar

How to choose the best wifi smart thermostats?

Although Wi-Fi smart thermostats are a revolution and perhaps you are wanting to get a model of these, we must tell you that you must first study if your house is compatible to become a technological house; In other words, that the home automation of our home, in charge of automating a home, is optimal to install one of these thermostats.

The type of heating installed in the home must be taken into account and whether it supports thermostats that work via Wi-Fi. The type of electrical installation is also essential to know whether or not to buy a thermostat of these characteristics.

How do wifi thermostats work?

Wi-Fi smart thermostats can be connected directly to the home router or via radio frequency. Thermostats can be found connected to the electrical current or with batteries; It is time to study which option is best for you and with which one you would save the most. That is, if it works with batteries or through an outlet, which would add another cable to the installation. The most recommended is that it works with a power outlet. The best advice we can give you, regarding installation, is to hire an expert to do the installation of the thermostat.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats

Some thermostats include a feature that lets the device know where we are and uses this information to turn the heating on or off; For example, if the thermostat detects that you are on your way home, it will turn on the heat. If you forgot to turn it off and the device realizes you are at work, it will turn it off.

The best thing about Wi-Fi smart thermostats is that they work through an application that is installed directly on a mobile or tablet. Through a fairly intuitive interface, you will be able to control the device with a few clicks. There are even models of Wi-Fi thermostats that sync with smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa. Depending on the thermostat you choose, some will offer a practical screen from which you can control the device, or it will be controlled entirely from the smartphone application.

It is also possible to integrate motion and proximity sensors.

Best Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats on the Market

Tado thermostat

The Tado thermostat allows you to control the heating of your home wherever you are thanks to the application that is installed on the phone. With this application, you will be able to have complete access to the history of the temperature that is set in your home and also to the consumption parameters. Consumption, on the other hand, you can also reduce it considerably and save while keeping your house warm.

This smart thermostat includes geolocation and window detection, weather adaptation and smart programming.

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Netatmo Smart Thermostat for individual boiler

The Netatmo NTH-ES-EC model promises to save energy on your electricity bill, but always keeping the home very warm in the winter months. The most attractive thing about this thermostat is that to configure it you only have to answer 5 easy questions about your habits; With this, you will design a heating program that adapts to your daily needs and rhythm of life.

To the program you design, the “Away” and “Anti-freeze” modes are added, which allow you to adjust the heating of your home when you are not at home. For its part, the “Auto-Adapt” function indicates to the thermostat the meteorological and thermal conditions of your home so that the temperature is always the best. Of course, you can check your history and the Energy Savings Balance with which you can optimize consumption.

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Honeywell Home T6

This smart thermostat has it all. It is the latest generation and adjusts to your day to day, including your schedules. You can easily configure it very quickly; It is also possible to save on electricity bills thanks to its intuitive programming. It is very efficient and respectful with the environment and you can control it directly from the touch screen of the thermostat, but also with the Honeywell Home app.

In terms of accessibility and handling, the touch screen is very easy to program : with it, you can also modify and cancel the temperatures. Overall, the display is incredibly intuitive, plus it’s always backlit , so you’ll enjoy low light at night.

Geofencing technology lets the thermostat know when you are not at home and therefore save energy. It can also detect if you are close to home, with which, the thermostat will be able to operate the boiler so that, when you arrive, the house has the optimal temperature. The T6 comes in 2 presentations: with cable and wireless T6R and, although to control it it does require Wi-Fi, for the configuration it is not necessary to connect it to the network.

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Google Nest Learning

Google’s Nest Learning is a third generation thermostat that has a unique and very elegant design. It has a large screen that allows you to read the temperature, time and weather forecast from a good distance. It is not necessary to configure the program you want: just connect the thermostat and set the temperature you want. The device will memorize your preferred temperatures and automatically create a program.

When you leave the house, the thermostat turns off directly and also turns on the boiler when you are about to arrive. It works with the Nest application, from which you can control the temperature or the energy history. It is compatible with Android and iOS systems.

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