Walkie Talkie for Android: the best app to talk to friends and meet people

Walkie Talkie para Android

Do you want to turn your Android mobile into a Walkie Talkie? Well, there is a completely free app called Walkie-talkie Communication that gives you the chance to talk to your friends, as well as meet new people in a different and fun way.

With almost 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, this is the best application you can find on Android to transform your phone into a true Walkie Talkie.

This is how Walkie Talkie works, the best app to communicate with your friends

In order to be able to talk to your friends in a different, striking and fun way , you must install this application on your Android mobile. Once you have it installed, you will have to add your friends so that they can communicate in the best “retro” style.

As you can surely imagine, both parties must have the app installed so that the connection can be carried out. In other words, Walkie Talkie Communication must be present on both Android handsets .

In addition, you must be constantly connected to the Internet for the audio to be sent and received correctly. Of course, this application does not consume so much data , so you can use your mobile data without any type of limitation (each audio consumes less than 100 KB).

You can also meet new people!

Descargar app Walkie Talkie para movil

In case your friends don’t want to download this app, you don’t have to worry. Walkie Talkie Communication gives you the ability to make new friends , how? Entering public rooms.

These rooms are categorized by languages and regions. In other words, you can talk to other people around the world without any kind of limitation. Even if you wish, you will have the possibility to create your own rooms by adding requirements to talk about topics that are of interest to you.

How to download Walkie Talkie Communication?

Free and very easy to use, this application is available for both Android and iOS . It should be added that it also has “cross-platform” support , what does this mean? That iOS and Android users can communicate with each other .

With nothing more to add in this regard, here is the download box so you can turn your mobile into a Walkie Talkie.