Update WhatsApp now to avoid a serious vulnerability

If you do not want to put your mobile and your messages at risk, then update WhatsApp to the latest version for security . It seems that a security vulnerability in the messaging platform allowed cybercriminals to access certain information that was protected on the platform, however it is a bug that has been resolved after the latest update.

It is a serious security flaw that has affected iOS and Android terminals , but mobile phones have not been the only ones involved. According to a publication by Incibe, the bug allowed cybercriminals to even go outside the limits of the app itself when a person had an established call, and could also affect other users, since it was possible to send an RTCP packet so that you can review later on the other party’s device.

What is known about the WhatsApp security flaw

Imagen - Actualiza WhatsApp a la última versión por seguridad

It seems that there are several versions of WhatsApp that have been affected by this security vulnerability , but it is something that would be resolved on your mobile by updating to the latest version of the application.

Versions prior to the following list are victims of the vulnerability and therefore you must update:

  1. WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business for Android v2.21.23.2
  2. WhatsApp for iOS v2.21.230.6
  3. WhatsApp Business for iOS v2.21.230.7
  4. WhatsApp Desktop v2.2145.0

The security flaw is known as access to a stack or heap, it is a data structure that belongs to an ordered set, which are responsible for priority lists within an algorithm, causing data loss and unexpected failure within the platform, while they can steal protected files within the same messenger.

To receive the security changes in WhatsApp it is necessary that the device is updated , because otherwise you will continue to be exposed to computer criminals and they could then access information on your device.

  1. Download WhatsApp for iOS (latest version)


  1. Download WhatsApp for Android (latest version)


Via: Incibe