Two policemen were fired for playing Pokémon GO and ignoring a robbery

Policías despedidos jugar Pokémon GO

Recently, the camera of a police patrol in Los Angeles recorded two policemen who, instead of attending a robbery, were playing Pokémon GO. Note that these police officers were charged with “misconduct.” Also, for playing Pokémon GO, the two police officers were fired .

Two policemen fired for playing Pokémon GO and ignoring a robbery

Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell were two police officers who spent Saturday, January 8, playing Pokémon GO, instead of responding to the call of the commanding officer of the police . In fact, the radio call Lozano and Mitchell received was intended to inform them of a robbery taking place.

Later, when he noticed that Mitchell and Lozano did not respond to the call, Darnell Davenport, the commanding officer, decided to meet with them and ask what had happened to them. Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell explained to their superior that they could not hear the calls because the noise from outside prevented them . That’s when Davenport recommended that they find quieter places to listen to the alerts.

Policías despedidos por jugar Pokémon GO

However, what Mitchell and Lozano did not count on is that the next morning Davenport would review the recordings of their patrol. In fact, from the police patrol recordings, Davenport realized that Mitchell and Lozano did hear the calls but did not answer them for playing Pokémon GO.

In the recording made by the police patrol, it is heard when the policemen made comments about the Pokémon that appeared . The recording is also heard when Mitchell celebrates having caught a Snorlax. Note that the officers even moved around several times to find another Pokémon.

Ultimately, the police officers were fired, even though they appealed their dismissal . However, before they were fired, Mitchell and Lozano excused themselves by saying that they didn’t play Pokémon GO, but rather were using some sort of tracker maps in Pokémon GO. In addition, the former officers also explained that they did leave the patrol to search for Snorlax and that they considered it an “extra patrol”.