Twitter already subtitles videos automatically

Subtítulos automáticos vídeos Twitter

Watching videos on Twitter is now much more practical because the platform already has a function that automatically generates subtitles for the videos . This Twitter function that creates subtitles for videos on the social network will allow people to enjoy the videos without having to activate the audio.

The Twitter function that automatically generates subtitles for videos is the most recent that the platform has released. Remember that Twitter recently launched Tips to allow its users to receive money. In addition, it was recently announced that Twitter will no longer load AMP versions of mobile websites.

The automatic subtitles of Twitter in the videos of the platform

Videos are one of the most used types of content on the Internet and Twitter knows it . In fact, to a large extent, the success of TikTok is due to the content format that is generated in that social network. In this sense, Twitter has known how to adapt to the content that people want to see and that is why they have launched the function that automatically generates subtitles for videos.

Keep in mind that the automatic subtitles of Twitter began to be seen since last December 15 . However, some accounts may take a few days to implement the new Twitter feature.

When you scroll through the Twitter feed and go through a video, it starts playing without sound but showing you the subtitles . Now if you tap on the video to play it in full screen, the subtitles will disappear and the audio will be activated. However, in the web version of Twitter you can activate the subtitles of a video again and remove the sound as easy as in YouTube.

Keep in mind that to activate subtitles in the mobile version of Twitter you must enter the accessibility settings of your device. On the other hand, Twitter’s automatic subtitles only appear in the original language of the video . Now, it is possible that the translated subtitles will arrive on the platform soon.

Without a doubt, the automatic subtitles of Twitter are a useful function , especially for people who prefer to enjoy videos without activating the sound.