Tivify will add advertising in exchange for more functionality

You will start to see advertising on Tivify soon , a decision motivated by the implementation of new functionalities, a measure that will generate all kinds of opinions, but that the service has already explained how to avoid for all those who do not want to see ads on the platform.

Tivify was one of the few television platforms that did not offer any type of advertising, its main sustenance probably comes from the paid subscriptions of the service, but that will change in a short time according to a statement that it is sending to its users.

The platform has announced that soon, users will begin to see advertising on the interface of their own sponsors with the aim of bringing you different products. At the moment it is unknown in what way, how intrusive this advertising and others will be.

For all those who are bothered by advertising, Tivify offers the possibility of having an experience without it and it is to contract one of its paid subscriptions, not the free one that gives access to the service and that is precisely what will be affected with the inclusion of advertisements.

Therefore, you must subscribe to the Plus or Premium plan that start at a price of € 3.99 / month. Thus ends one of the greatest advantages that Tivify offered compared to other similar platforms, from now on to watch DTT channels without advertising you will have to pay.

In any case, Tivify will remain free as before , only that subscription will have advertising. In return, the service promises better and new features that are still unknown, but we will probably go over the next few weeks.

It was a matter of time before Tivify offered advertising, we will see if it is not as intrusive as that offered by Pluto TV, which is almost the same as we see on television, since it pauses in its programming to offer personalized ads, something that maintains the free service.

The fact that Tivify begins to show advertising soon may be the decision that motivates many to abandon the service to try other options such as rlaxx, Rakuten TV, Pluto TV and other platforms, although few offer what Tivify has, all DTT in one place.