Tinder will allow you to review the dark past of your possible loves

tinder te permitira revisar el record criminal de tus posibles amores

Meeting people through social networks is risky, even so, it is one of the most used ways to relate to other people. The reality is that few of us have enough free time or energy to go out and socialize . In addition, many of us have a fairly limited circle of friends, so social networks fall like a glove.

Even more so when there are RRSS specially designed to “match” with other people. Tinder is the best example , being one of the most popular dating apps in the world.

But… the fact that Tinder is so popular does not prevent it from still being dangerous to meet people through the Internet . How well do we know people? If this question is difficult to answer when it comes to close people, with people we have only seen online it is more complicated.

This problem has not only caught the attention of many users but of Tinder itself. That is why they have been working on a new function , with which you will be able to know if that person who has caught your attention so much has a dark past that you should know about.

Tinder and Garbo team up to make your life easier

tinder record criminal match citas

You no longer have to worry about the possibility of chatting with a sex offender. At least not with one who already has a criminal record or questionable history. Tinder has been working with Garbo for almost a year to integrate their services into the app.

But what is Garbo? An NGO that seeks to make the criminal record and other sensitive information of the people with whom we chat public domain and easily accessible . This function is already available in the United States and to access it you just have to click on the green icon in the form of a shield.

This icon will take you to the security section where you can link to Garbo’s page and check the entire history of a person, if available . It is not the holy grail, but it is close to giving more peace of mind to millions of users.

Especially women, who tend to be more vulnerable to sexual predators and other social predators such as scammers. What is also important to recognize is that this feature will deepen the social stigma of those with a criminal record .

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