This Photos App is a Trojan – delete it immediately

A study independent of Google has published a new scandal in the Play Store . A popular photo app has been caught with a Trojan inside. The goal of the malicious code is to target your Facebook login details for later use. It is an app to edit photos with more than 100,000 downloads that has already been removed from Google Play. Even so, you should be careful, because it is possible that it is still installed on your Android mobile.

This photo coloring app steals your Facebook password

The app in question is called ‘ Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools ‘ and has already been removed from Google Play. This does not mean that the problem has ceased, as it may still be installed on your device. The purpose of it is to get your login data on Facebook .

The method to achieve this is quite simple: it asks you to log in to Facebook in order to use the app. Its functions are useful and it works correctly, but when you log in it keeps your data .

The app had more than 100,000 downloads on Google Play, so you could very well be one of those affected. If you have it on your mobile you should delete it . And if you have logged into Facebook from it, it is best to change your credentials in the social network. You should also do the same anywhere you have this password.

Google Play is a secure store, but with holes

Once again, this type of scandal comes from a security breach in Google Play . The store’s protection system has been circumvented by this malicious Trojan , something that Google has not been aware of.

It had to be Bleeping Computer the company in charge of warning. This means that you should be careful with apps with few downloads that ask you for strange things. The requirement to log in to use certain features should give you a clue as to the app’s intentions.