This is Toncoin, Telegram's cryptocurrency to make payments in the app

Toncoin criptomoneda Telegram

Despite the fact that Telegram announced in 2020 that it was canceling its cryptocurrency Gram and its blockchain TON because of the SEC, the company has resumed the creation of its cryptocurrency . In fact, Pavel Durov, co-founder and CEO of Telegram has expressed his excitement about creating the Telegram crypto.

In any case, if at first Telegram’s cryptocurrency would be called Gram and its blockchain TON, now its crypto will be called Toncoin . On the other hand, you should keep in mind that Telegram is not the only messaging app that is focused on cryptocurrencies. In fact, WhatsApp already allows you to send cryptocurrencies.

Toncoin, the cryptocurrency that will allow payments from Telegram

In Telegram they have decided to resume the development of their cryptocurrency that will now be called Toncoin . Even Pavel Durov has ensured that the blockchain that they are developing in Telegram is very advanced compared to other functions related to cryptos in which the company works.

Likewise, Durov expressed that Toncoin is an independent project from Telegram . However, the CEO of Telegram has also indicated that the team in charge of developing Toncoin has what it takes to “build something epic.”

Criptomoneda Telegram Toncoin

Durov’s statements about Toncoin have been during the preparations of Donate , the donation bot verified by Telegram. Take into account that donations made with Donate on Telegram will use the cryptocurrency Toncoin.

The CEO of Telegram also expressed that soon users will be able to make donations with Donate and pay for subscriptions with Toncoin . However, Durov has not given an exact date for the launch of Donate and Toncoin. On the other hand, it is important that you consider that with Toncoin channel administrators will also be able to collect money.

Note that the Toncoin channels already have a well-established community. In fact, the worldwide Toncoin community has more than 50 thousand followers, while the Russian community of the same cryptocurrency has more than 160 thousand subscribers. In addition, currently the price of Toncoin is already about to reach 3 dollars , although its all-time high was 4.5 dollars.

You just have to wait for Telegram to start allowing donations and payments with Toncoin to know how it will work . Take into account that Telegram is not as secure as it seems. In addition, there are more and more scams on Telegram and currently there is one that promises you great returns with crypto. The aforementioned are important factors that Telegram must improve so that people are safe to make payments with Toncoin.