This is the top trends on Facebook during 2021

The Facebook trending top for 2021 has been published, with the topics that have been relevant during the last 12 months. The top is not ordered, but it does make it clear that the present has been one of the keys on Facebook in 2021

Actually, the top is set for all Meta, the new name of Facebook, although it is conceivable that this “Year in Review” (summary of the year) refers more to its main social network. We recently learned of the forecast for the top Instagram trends for 2022, and it is clear that they are going in very different directions.

In general, Facebook has reflected the general concerns of society , it cannot be said that in the top there is any trend originated in the networks, something more typical of Instagram or TikTok.

These have been the main trends of 2021 in Europe for Facebook:

  1. Same-sex marriage.
  2. Euro 2020 and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
  3. Filomena storm and floods in Central Europe.
  4. La Palma volcano eruption.
  5. Sports, excursions, beach and outdoor activities.

Gay marriage sneaks to the top due to recent Swiss referendum approval, while outdoor activities were one of the most talked about topics when restrictions on the pandemic were lowered in spring 2021.

Surprisingly, Facebook has compiled the 2021 trends together for the EMEA region, that is, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It certainly gives us a more global vision, but the differences between countries are very notable.

For example, in Turkey basketball and Formula 1 have been very popular, while in Kenya the top includes the Maasai ethnic group or the country’s 100m sprint runners , and there the community “God responds to prayers “ from Facebook.

Also the Cooking Ideas community (kitchen ideas) is one of those favored in 2021, something logical, since eating out has still been quite limited by coronavirus infections.

Facebook Messenger has recently been updated with Christmas filters, and it is clear that the social network is committed to the general public. The top trends on Facebook in 2021 have coincided with current affairs to a large extent , as fewer and fewer people are outside the social network.