The function that all Xiaomi lovers have been waiting for years

If you have a Xiaomi smartphone, you will know that its ecosystem goes far beyond mobile phones or tablets. The company has an endless number of technological products such as bracelets, televisions, speakers , watches, computers and almost everything you can imagine. If in addition to a Xiaomi mobile you have any other device of the brand, the function that has just been announced interests you. Xiaomi is working on an option to have all the devices connected and be able to send content in just one click.

MIUI Wonder Center is what the Xiaomi ecosystem was missing

Xiaomi has been working for years to launch more and more connected smart devices. These are inexpensive and you may have more than one Xiaomi product per household. These connect to each other with the Mi Home app, although it is not always the best option.

Xiaomi intends that the connection of its devices go one step further with the MIUI Wonder Center . This function will be available in all Xiaomi and will unify the interconnection of the devices that are at home.

Opening it will show a central device and the rest of the Xiaomi devices that you have around the house. To share any type of content it will be enough to drag the device towards the center. This will make it incredibly easy to share content with the television , a loudspeaker or a computer.

It is a center to share content in a simple way and designed to be used by all users. Of course, it is a function intended for Xiaomi products . It will not be compatible with any other brand product.

Speakers, televisions and computers enter the compatibility equation. Little by little it is expected that the list of devices will expand to have a much more complete ecosystem.