This foldable smartphone can make Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi look ridiculous

If you are thinking of getting a folding mobile you may have to get everything you have seen so far out of your head. Oppo, once again, has developed a technology that could leave the world market speechless. Today he has revealed his Oppo Find N , a folding that will come with unique and more advanced technologies than the rest of its competitors. The device will be officially presented on December 15 and in the meantime you can already take a look at some press images.

The Oppo Find N will be an improved Fold 3: it will have a “normal” size

Oppo wants to solve the two main reasons – beyond the price – why many users do not buy a folding. The Oppo Find N will feature an 8-inch interior screen, LTPO OLED technology and 120 Hz . This size is very similar to what the Galaxy Fold 3 offers right now.

The funny thing is that its exterior screen will be 6.5 inches in size and will not be elongated. The Find N promises an all-screen front with a very very small size. That is, its folded use will be more like that of a conventional smartphone . In the Fold 3 the screen is 6.2 inches and has an extremely long ratio for many.

That is, the interior and exterior screens of the Find N will be larger than those of the Fold 3, but being much more compact when folded. Oppo has managed to improve, on paper, what Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi have done so far.

Goodbye to the central wrinkle that everyone talks about

Yes, anyone who picks up a folding mobile for the first time notices the central wrinkle . It’s there, you can get used to it and when you do it’s not too annoying. Of course, the ideal scenario is that it is not there.

Well, according to Oppo in the Find N there will be no wrinkle. It seems that the screen will have a stretching system so that this central wrinkle does not form, something that we are eager to verify, because if so, Oppo could have the best folding smartphone on the market.

On December 15 it will be officially presented confirming prices , characteristics and availability in the different international markets.