This app tells you the health of your mobile battery to know if you have to change it

It is often normal to see iPhone users looking at the battery health of their smartphones. It is something that Apple allows to do in IOS and that in Android it is not in the battery settings . Knowing the status of the battery is very important to know if autonomy problems are derived from poor battery health . Today we tell you how to check the battery health you have on your Android mobile thanks to a very simple and free application .

How to check battery health on an Android mobile

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By default, Android manufacturers do not include a ” Battery Health ” section in the device settings. It is a hidden data and that only in some customization layers it is allowed to visualize. It is not something very problematic if you use an app like the one we are going to show you today.

The Ampere application is one of the few that swarm through Google Play with enough quality to be trusted. There are hundreds of applications that promise to reveal the health and even repair the battery or its cells using software. Our recommendation is that you try Ampere, as its data is more accurate than most alternatives.

  1. Download the Ampere app from Google Play
  2. Run it and enter the ‘Health’ section
  3. Take a look at the results

This app offers several important data about the smartphone’s battery , including its health. Thanks to the results you will be able to know how your mobile battery is and draw conclusions. If you come noticing a lower autonomy and you see poor battery health, you will already have an answer.

Changing the mobile battery can be a very good idea

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Changing the battery is one of the simplest repairs that can be done to a smartphone. It is also one of the most effective when the device is 1 or 2 years old, since its battery is probably at 70 or 80% of its total capacity.

Changing the battery can offer you an improvement in performance and also a greater daily autonomy. It is a repair that you can do yourself at home with a few tools and following the steps.

If Ampere tells you that the health of your battery is bad, one of the best investments you could make is to buy a new battery and change it. If you go to a specialized store, they will surely charge you between 40 and 50 euros / dollars for doing it.